Building Community
Your Discernment Group
Building Community
Your Discernment Group


Community is one of the best parts of this discernment group. Here are some ways you can get the most from this experience. Make an effort to get to know everyone in the group Ask questions like, “What’s going on with you this week?” Offer encouragement and support to the group members; send a text, offer to go for a walk, bring food by, etc. Actively participate in the discussions Pray for the other members Participate in the Group Service Project! We’ll talk more about that when we get into the service project and group activity on page 6

Group Agreements

It’s a good idea for everyone to be on the same page regarding the group. Such agreements will help avoid unmet expectations. We recommend you discuss these agreements during the first meeting in order to lay the foundation for a healthy group experience. Feel free to add anything else that is important to your group.

  • Clear Purpose: To learn and discuss the basics of the priesthood
  • Building Relationships: To get to know the other members of the group and to support each other in discerning this vocation
  • Group Attendance: To give priority to the group meetings (call if I am absent or late)
  • Safe Environment: To create a comfortable atmosphere where guys can speak their mind and feel heard
  • Be Confidential: To keep anything that is shared confidential and within the group
  • Punctuality: Begin and end on time

Member Roles

Each member will choose a role to fulfill for the sake of the group. It’s okay if a person has more than one role.

Hospitality Coordinator

Facilitates where we are meeting and who is bringing snacks.

Communications Coordinator

Communicates with the group about upcoming meetings. Prayer Coordinator Leads the opening & closing prayer times.

The Techie

Handles all matters related to video, audio, and Zoom (if needed). Lector Reads aloud the passages during meetings.

No Man Left Behind

Meets with absent members to catch them up and work through the discussion questions with them.

Service Coordinator

Organizes the group service project.

Bro Time Coordinator

Organizes a fun group outing for the bros.


Snaps photos of the discussions/outings and sends them out in the group text.