Discernment Basics • Meeting 2
What is a Vocation?
Discernment Basics • Meeting 2
What is a Vocation?

Springboard Questions

  • Business items – Any updates on the service project or social outing?
  • Let’s say you could visit anywhere in the world. Where would you go?
  • What’s your favorite book from your childhood? And why?


What is a Vocation in the First Place? (10 minutes)

  • General reactions to the video.


Read aloud: Page 39, section “Our Primary Vocation is Holiness” and Page 40 “Our Particular (or Secondary) Vocation: Four Options for a Catholic Man” in To Save a Thousand Souls

  1. General reactions to the reading.
  2. Do you think it’s true that the more holy a man is, the more joy he will experience? Why or why not?
  3. What would a truly holy <your name here> look like? What would it take for you to become a saint?
  4. What are the dangers of seeking priesthood or marriage without first striving for holiness?

Read aloud: Pages 55-56, section “Who Will You Bring With You into Heaven?” in To Save a Thousand Souls

  1. General reactions to the reading.
  2. Have you ever been invited by a priest or someone else to consider the priesthood? How did it make you feel? Annoyed? Honored? Inspired?
  3. After Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared in Mexico in 1531, nine million people were baptized as Catholic Christians within ten years. Some vocations are more directly involved in saving the masses. What would you think if God were calling you to save people like that?
  4. How do men in each of the four vocations (p. 40-41) experience joy and holiness, and how do they each help bring people to heaven?

Next Meeting

Please read, “God said Go and I Said No” (Chapter 4 in To Save a Thousand Souls)

Getting Serious? Visit a Seminary

While not an “essential element” of the discernment group, one of the best things you can do if you’re seriously considering the priesthood is visit a seminary. If you want to go the extra mile, organize a trip to the nearest seminary. Often, the Vocation Office will help organize the trip and cover travel costs.