Discernment Basics • Meeting 3
God Said Go and I Said No
Discernment Basics • Meeting 3
God Said Go and I Said No

Springboard Questions

Business items

  • Any updates on the service project or social outing?
  • What’s your favorite food? Least favorite?
  • What’s your favorite movie from your childhood?


God said go and I said no (10 minutes)

  • General reactions to the video.


Read aloud: Pages 61-62 in To Save a Thousand Souls

  1. General reactions to the reading.
  2. What have you found difficult in the discernment process?
  3. Do you find comfort or fear in the realization that God has a specific plan for your life?
  4. “The world offers you comfort. You were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.” Does Pope Benedict’s exhortation impact your vocational discernment? If so, how?

Read aloud from page 267 in Priests for the Third Millennium: “I heard from the man himself…” through, “That’s the greatest priestly work of all!”

  1. General reactions to the reading.
  2. Many people make poor decisions but those poor decisions are not necessarily sins. Give examples. How serious is it to decline God’s invitation to your true vocation, the one for which you were made?
  3. The bottom of page 64 lists four consequences of not following one’s true vocation. Which of these do you find most striking? Why? (These consequences are discussed in more detail on pages 65-68.)

Next Meeting

Please read, “Celibacy, Chastity, Charity, and Cheerfulness” (Chapter 13 in To Save a Thousand Souls)

Getting Serious? Visit a Seminary

While not an “essential element” of the discernment group, one of the best things you can do if you’re seriously considering the priesthood is visit a seminary. If you want to go the extra mile, organize a trip to the nearest seminary. Often, the Vocation Office will help organize the trip and cover travel costs.