with Fr. Brett Brannen



Every Catholic man should at least consider priesthood as an option. Could Jesus calling you to be a Catholic priest? It’s not an easy question to answer. It takes prayer and study to discover your true vocation.

The Melchizedek Project is a discernment group for men like you who love Jesus Christ and His Church, and who are willing to talk with other like-minded men about their future.

Fall 2021 Meeting Schedule

Meeting 1:  What Priests Do – Aug 19
Meeting 2: The Sacred Power of Priesthood – Sept 2
Meeting 3: What is a Vocation – Sep 16
Meeting 4: God said Go and I said No – Sep 30
Meeting 5: Celibacy, Chastity, Charity, and Cheerfulness – Oct 14
Meeting 6: Signs & Characteristics of a Candidate for Priesthood – Nov 4
Meeting 7: Developing a Spiritual Plan of Life – Nov 18

The group meetings aren’t meant to convince you that priesthood is your vocation. You could very well be called to marriage or another vocation. But if you’re a faithful Catholic man—even if you’re currently dating—at some point you have to ask yourself whether God is calling you to be a priest. Even if you just want to rule out priesthood, you’re welcome to join us.

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Led by Fr. Brett Brannen

This online Discernment Group will be led by Fr. Brannen, the author of To Save a Thousand Souls: A Guide for Discerning a Vocation to Diocesan Priesthood. You’ll be able to ask questions and interact with Fr. Brannen over seven weeks.

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“I joined the Melchizedek Project not because I wanted to be a priest but because our college chaplain invited me. I can truly say it’s been an amazing experience! Now I really understand what being a priest is all about. I still don’t know if I’m called, but I’m definitely a lot more open to God’s will.”  ~Jacob R.

Together, let's find YOUNG men who are ready to ask...

"Am I willing to follow Christ no matter what the cost,  no matter what the call?"

"Will I choose to trust His will for me, and courageously go where He leads?"


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