Please fill out this form to indicate which campus ministers, high school chaplains, and parish youth ministers should receive a free sample packet.

The packet includes: a letter explaining the program, a Leader Guide, and a copy of To Save a Thousand Souls: A Guide for Discerning a Vocation to Diocesan Priesthood.  (Note that the new edition of To Save a Thousand Souls has the discussion guide included as an appendix.)

If you want to request materials to start a group, go to the Request Group Materials page.

Vocation Directors: For the best chance of success, it’s best to communicate with the the people to whom you want us to send start-up packets. We’ve found they’re far more likely to begin groups if they’ve been personally invited by the Vocation Director.


Together, let's find YOUNG men who are ready to ask...

"Am I willing to follow Christ no matter what the cost,  no matter what the call?"

"Will I choose to trust His will for me, and courageously go where He leads?"


questions? Call 877-585-1551